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In June 2021 I (thankfully) graduated from high school. Which was great until I realized college was happening. 


No matter who you are it's a big adjustment to go from high school to college. Going from  dependency to independence, safety to uncertainty, home cooked meals to mediocre dining hall dinners. 

I'm in college now and sure it's scary, but it's really not as bad as I thought. So let's go through it together. Let my anxiety and awkward encounters be the thing that help you realize that sure it's a big change... but really it's not that scary. 

What's Happening With Me:

I'm now a Freshman at Stonehill College. I am double-majoring in Secondary Education and English with a potential minor in creative writing and philosophy. I'm awkward anxious, and terrible with time management. Let my mistakes be your guidance. Start by using the form to ask me a question. I'm more than happy to answer them and I can direct them to school specific people if that helps. 

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